The Gate of Podlasie

Welcome to "The Gate of Podlasie"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to introduce you „The Gate of Podlasie” – the regional portal prepared and supervised by the Podlaskie Voivodeship Marshal’s Office in cooperation with the main public administration organs as well as many institutions, associations and organisations in Podlasie.

We wish for „The Gate of Podlasie” to become a reliable and interesting source of information about our regional, district and local administration.  In some time, when the electronic signature becomes available and trial programmes in the region are complete, the portal is intended to become a useful tool that will open our electronic office to citizens.

The proposed „The Gate of Podlasie” programme, in accordance with the idea of an information society, aims to fulfill the needs of today’s society.  For this reason it is so important for us that „The Gate of Podlasie” be not only an office site. It is crucial that this website enables discussion, opinion exchange, the presentation of original output and interesting ideas from a  variety of institutions, groups of people and associations whose work and achievements may not be sufficiently recognized and appreciated.  We want to make sure that „The Gate of Podlasie” has its own well-recognized style, with the main feature being openness and readiness to cooperate with anybody who wants to bring something valuable into our common efforts.

„The Gate of Podlasie”, along with „The Gate of Małopolska” is the second regional portal of this type.  We realise that we were not able to avoid all mistakes and we are aware that corrections will have to be made gradually.

We are very grateful for all the suggestions we have received so far which were useful when we were working on the portal construction. We would also very much appreciate any constructive advice, critical comments and proposals. We will consider all suggestions thoroughly and take them into consideration when making changes, as our intention is to regularly change and improve the portal contents.  The opening of „The Gate of Podlasie” does not mean that our work  has finished – this is just the begining.

We invite you to „The Gate of Podlasie” in the special year of 2004 in which our country will join the European Union.


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