Added: 22 marzec 2007 09:19

Modified: 22 marzec 2007 09:19

Jarosław Schabieński

the Person Performing the Functions of Voivodship Self-government Organs, until the Voivodship Board has been elected by the Voivodship Sejmik (Regional Assembly).

The Sejmik (Regional Assembly) will be elected in early elections.

Due to the fact, that the Sejmik did not manage to elect the full panel of the Board (1 Marshal, 2 Vice-Marshals, 2 Members of the Board) within the statutory time limit which passed 20th February 2007, the Sejmik was dissolved by virtue of the law on 21st February 2007. The Voivodship Board does not function as well.

The Prime Minister, on the motion of the Minister competent in the field of public administration, has designated the person to perform the functions of voivodship self-government organs (both the Sejmik and the Board) until the new Voivodship Board has been elected by the newly elected Sejmik.

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