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Regional product

Cultivating local traditions and customs is one of priorities in European Union countries. Original farm products as well as local food are protected because of a special place of origin and a traditional way of preparing.

European Union law favours and protects products of a well-known place of origin. Three marks are applied. Two of them refer to the place of origin of such product – it is both ‘the name of origin’ and ‘the geographical mark’ protection. It means that the specific product - which is exceptionally renowned for being produced from regional stocks – is protected. The third mark is connected with a quality of a traditional way of preparing the product. It is the protection of ‘the specific character’ of that product, having a traditional composition, formed with traditional materials and in a traditional way.

Regional and local products office in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Polish Chamber of Regional and Local Product are to help our producers to enter the European Union protection system in future.

Podlaskie Voivodeship kept its traditional character to a high degree. Until today, many products are formed according to former recipes. Our food is tasty and healthy. Many dishes have a chance to become a regional or local product. Connection of a tradition with fine ‘Poland’s Green Lungs’ environment values states the strong basis of regional product development.

We wish for ‘The Gate of Podlasie’ portal to actively participate in promotion of regional and local products. Producers of such articles are invited to co-operation. We would appreciate your information – do write about yourselves and your products and we will put these on ‘The Gate of Podlasie’. Information may be enrich with pictures of products.
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